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We can certify your property in weeks, not months. And we can do it all without ever filing a quiet title.



Give us the address of your parcel(s) and the date purchased at the tax deed auction.



Our staff perform a thorough review of the tax deed sale to make sure all statutory requirements were met. Once approved, we issue a certificate and request a title policy on your behalf if desired.


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Your title certificate and title policy are issued in 3-4 weeks allowing you to make even more money on your investment.

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Why a Tax Deed, and How Is It Different From a Quiet Title?

When we do a quiet title action we are at the mercy of the court. We can move the case through on our timeline, but we must wait on the court to sign orders and schedule final hearings.

Sometimes this process can take weeks or months. Although a quiet title action can be done in as little as 60-90 days, if there are complications it takes longer.

With a tax deed certificate, we are able to research the property, certify that property notice of the sale was given by the tax clerk, and prepare a certificate to send to the underwriters who will issue a title insurance policy in about 30-45 days, around half the time of a quiet title action.

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