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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Accelerated Title Solutions, LLC?

We are a subsidiary of Wilkes & Mee, PLLC. We were created to assist clients with getting title insurance policies for their tax deed properties in an expeditious manner.

Why a tax deed certificate and how is it different from a quiet title action?

When we do a quiet title action we are at the mercy of the court. We can move the case through on our timeline, but we must wait on the court to sign orders and schedule final hearings. Sometimes that can take weeks or months. Although a quiet title action can be done in as little as 60-90 days, if there are complications it takes longer. With a tax deed certificate we are able to research the property, certify that proper notice of the sale was given by the tax clerk and prepare a certificate to send to the underwriters who will issue a title insurance policy in about 30-45 days. The end result is the same – with a final judgment in a quiet title action you’re also able to get a title insurance policy but it takes more time. We’ve found a way to cut the time considerably and get that title policy in your hands in weeks not months.

Why do I need a title insurance policy?

When you were given the tax deed to your property it gave you title but there is still a cloud on that title. This presents challenges when you are ready to enhance the property, use it for collateral or sell the property as you will not be able to without clear, marketable title. This is where we can help. After our certification process is complete we will obtain a title insurance policy for you. This protects you against potential claims that could rise in the future regarding ownership. It ultimately gives you peace of mind whether you decide to sell the property or keep it long-term.

Is every tax deed parcel eligible for a tax deed certificate?

The short answer is no. If the market value of the property is greater than $200,000 the underwriter will not accept our certificate or issue a title insurance policy. In that situation a quiet title action must be completed before a title insurance policy can be given. Similarly, there are some title issues with parcels that will necessitate a quiet title action. This only happens about 6% of the time, so chances are pretty good that we won’t hit any snags with your parcel. But don’t worry, if we do we’ll reach out to you and discuss your options.

What are the fees for a tax deed certificate?

Our fees are based on the number of properties you have and the value of those properties. We are mindful of your investment and don’t want you to ultimately spend more to remove the cloud on title than what the property is worth. Please contact our office for prices. You should know that there are only two fees – the cost of the certification and the cost of the title insurance policy. That’s it! No additional fees unless we have to do a quiet title action which is only around 6% of properties.

What is the cost of the title insurance policy?

The cost of the policy is based on the value of the property. As soon as we receive the amount from the underwriter we will let you know the cost.

What if I need a title insurance policy sooner than 30-45 days?

We have a VIP program just for you! For a small additional fee we can expedite your request. Please contact our office to ask about this service.

Does the tax deed certification process cover municipal liens or CDD fees?

No. Municipal liens and community development and design fees are not extinguished in a tax deed auction. Ultimately as the new owner you are now responsible for those liens. You will either need to contact the county/lienholder and negotiate the liens or contact our office and we can put you in touch with the title company who will negotiate the liens on your behalf for an additional fee.

If I don’t go through with the certification process what are my options?

While we strongly encourage you to use the certification process so that you can get your title insurance policy quickly, your other options are to do a quiet title action or wait the statutory period of four years. Remember, waiting comes with the risk of lawsuits and uncertainty about the validity of ownership.

I’m ready to sell my property, can your office handle the closing?

We do not handle closings in our office. We will put you in touch with the title company who wrote your title policy and they will be happy to coordinate the closing for you.

What do I receive at the end of this process?

Once we certify your property we send the certification over to the title company and underwriter who will issue a title insurance policy. It usually takes a few weeks for that process to be completed. Once finalized we send you the title insurance policy and your matter is complete.

What Other Questions Can We Answer for You?

Call or message us today, and speak with an experienced quiet title attorney who can walk you through our process.

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